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Why Do I Need an Attorney


Whether minor or serious, a traffic ticket can have a far-reaching effect on your life. Beyond expensive traffic ticket fines, the prospect of higher insurance premiums can turn a simple mistake into a lasting burden.  Some may face a license suspension, criminal record, or even the loss of their job.


Is it worth it to hire an attorney?


Moving violations are added to your driving record, are made available to your employer and insurance company and can impact your insurance premiums for up to three years.  While the fine may be less than an attorney’s fee to fight the ticket, the long-term impact may substantially higher.  Most drivers assume that their insurance rates won’t go up until they have three or more moving violations in a year. However, many insurance companies may raise your rates for receiving just one infraction or may combine your infraction with others in your household to determine your rates.

If the insurance company raises your rates by just $10 per month because the ticket is on your record for three years, it will cost you more than the attorney’s fee.  And don’t forget, you also have to pay the cost of the ticket.

What is the cost of your time?  Can you go to court without losing pay or vacation time?

How comfortable are you with dealing with the legal process?  How skilled are you at standing up in public and presenting your case?  How experienced are you in knowing what will and will not make a favorable impression on the judge hearing your case? How strong a case can you present given the facts and the history of decisions in the specific jurisdiction your case is being tried in?

Every violation is different and your options can be different depending on the jurisdiction where you received the ticket.  This means it is essential to hire an attorney with experience in the particular Washington state court that will be hearing your case when fighting a traffic violation. Mr. Sheehan’s law practice handles only traffic violation cases and he has 20 years’ experience helping Washington drivers fight potentially life-altering traffic violations.

Mr. Sheehan has fought traffic tickets and won over 30,000 dismissals in more than 50 courts statewide. As a result, he has established good working relationships with the judges and prosecutors in each of these courts and knows the approaches that will work or not work in defending you.

When you consider the possibility of fines, increased insurance rates, lost time and wages due to court appearances, and discomfort due to lack of familiarity with the legal process it makes sense to hire an attorney. Mr. Sheehan’s expertise in traffic law and the Washington court system will serve you well; he will help keep your driving record clean and save you money in the long run.

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