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Traffic Tickets


Are you tired of accepting traffic tickets in Washington without a fight?

If you receive a traffic ticket, your reaction may be one of apathy: you don't need one more thing to worry about. Many people are too busy to consider fighting their traffic ticket or to evaluate their options. Many people fear that fighting their traffic ticket will simply take too much of their personal time. Perhaps they don't know the law. Perhaps they think hiring a lawyer will be too expensive. Whatever the reason, most people accept their Washington traffic ticket from the police officer, go home, and pay it.

However, what if there was something you could do about your traffic tickets in Washington? What if you could find someone who understands the law and would fight on your behalf?
Hiring an attorney can make it easy to fight your Washington traffic ticket, and you can win.

An experienced Washington state traffic attorney knows the different judges and court throughout the state. An experienced traffic attorney knows what arguments will be successful in those courts, and which will not. An experienced traffic attorney can help you understand the implications of your traffic ticket, including both its immediate and future effect on you.

How to Seek the Help of an Attorney for Your Washington Traffic Tickets

Identify your ticket. The first step when receiving traffic tickets is identifying the kind of ticket you've been given. In the state of Washington, tickets are color coded. If you are dealing with an infraction, your ticket will be white or green. Infractions require you to pay a fine and may also increase your insurance premiums. If you received a gold (or yellow) ticket, you will probably be charged with a criminal offense. A criminal traffic violation can involve jail time, substantial fines, and the loss of your driver's license.

Take action on your traffic tickets. After you determine the type of ticket, you will need to take action. If you are dealing with a criminal offense, you need to contact an attorney immediately. If you are dealing with an infraction and want an attorney to fight your ticket, contact one immediately. Either you or your attorney must request a Contested Hearing from the court within fifteen days from when you received your ticket. It is often most convenient for both you and your attorney if your attorney takes your case from the beginning.

Get an experienced attorney to fight your traffic violation. Whether you have an infraction or a criminal offense, fight to keep your record clean An attorney can help you contest any traffic tickets in Washington. They understand the laws and will present the best defense possible on your behalf.  In most cases, if you have an experienced attorney helping you through the process, they will take complete control of your court fight so that you don't have to.

Traffic tickets in Washington, don’t need cause you distress. Attorneys can help you fight your traffic violation by taking the necessary steps to either get your citation or criminal charge dismissed, or reduced to a lesser penalty.


The consequences of not fighting your traffic violation can cause more harm than merely having to pay a fine. If uncontested, traffic tickets in Washington can lead to:

  • Increased insurance premiums

  • Heavy fines

  • Flawed driving records

  • Loss of license

  • Inability to find employment

The type of traffic tickets determine the charges and consequences. However, if you are tired of paying your fines without considering your options, Michael D. Sheehan can help. (no exclamation point) Michael specializes in Washington traffic laws, has over a decade's experience in fighting every type of traffic violation, and enjoys advocating on the behalf of drivers like you. Contact him to discuss how he can help you with your Washington traffic violation.

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