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Speeding Tickets


Are you looking for help with a speeding ticket you received in the state of Washington? Are you confused about your options?

Receiving a speeding ticket in Washington, or any other state is an inconvenience. Many people pay their ticket without question or fight. Moreover, some people either forget to pay their traffic ticket or choose not to pay it all. However, leaving a speeding ticket unanswered means that the Court will automatically place it on your driving record as "committed." Second, failing to pay a traffic ticket will result in your driver's license being suspended. Finally, since your insurance company will know that you have a new infraction on your driving record, your premiums will likely increase.


Did you know that you can request a "Contested Hearing" to fight your ticket?

The catch: You need to request a Contested Hearing within 15 days of receiving your traffic ticket.

If you are beyond the 15 day period to request a hearing, Attorney Michael D. Sheehan may still be able help. Call him immediately so that he can fight your ticket.


Who should request a "Contested Hearing"?

If you feel you were wrongly accused of speeding or another traffic violation, you should not hesitate to contest it. Although you may feel like it is your word against the ticketing officer’s, you still have a chance to beat your traffic ticket.

Were you rushing to an emergency or taking someone to the hospital? If either of these reasons resulted in you receiving a ticket, you will want to fight it. Enlist the help of a well qualified attorney to help you tell your story.

Are you concerned about the potential increase the ticket can have on insurance costs or the amount of infractions on your record? If you answered yes to either of these situations, then you need to request a “Contested Hearing”.

You have rights, even if you received a speeding ticket in Washington and even if you agree with the police officer that you were speeding. Find a qualified attorney, with a proven track record to help you fight your traffic ticket.

If you want to fight your speeding ticket, what should you do?

If you decide to contest your ticket, your number one step is alerting the court of your intent. You can choose to notify the court on your own, or you can hire an attorney from the start to make sure everything is done properly.


Your attorney will need:


  • A copy of the ticket

  • A signed fee agreement

  • A copy of the court date if you have it

  • Payment for services


The benefit of hiring a traffic ticket attorney such as Michael D. Sheehan is the relative ease of contesting your ticket. Once he receives the requested items, he will begin to work on your case and prepare for your hearing. Most traffic infraction cases do not require you to attend the hearing. In Washington State, your attorney is authorized to appear on your behalf. Mr. Sheehan will attend your Contested Hearing for you and will take care of everything.  Following the hearing, he will notify you of the outcome.

Contesting a ticket is not as hard as you may think, especially when you have an experienced attorney on your side. Attorney Michael D. Sheehan has helped his clients save thousands of dollars. His experience and expertise in traffic law has successfully assisted clients in beating their speeding tickets for over a decade in Washington.

If you have recently received a Washington speeding ticket or any other type of traffic infraction, contact Attorney Michael D. Sheehan. He likes fighting speeding tickets, and he's good at it. Let him help you.

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